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Is this really journalism? - CLICK HERE

I have written about Thailand's notorious sex industry, but am still shocked at how the country is portrayed so negatively by the media. I started to review some of the efforts by so-called "investigative" journalists. This blog looks at whether they assess the facts and tell a story, or draw a conclusion and search for a few snippets to support the argument. Each post has a handy link to the film being reviewed.

Everyone has a good book in them

Sharing my experiences of getting a foot on the bottom rung of the ladder as an author

When TV makes you mad

It may have been the day I turned fifty. I realised that the people on the TV were talking directly to me... and they had only one aim. It was to piss me off. My wife has told me that if I carry on screaming at the screen she will have to take the cat and move in with her mother. I couldn't put her through that, he is such a lovely cat. So I have agreed to take out my rage in a blog and this is it.

Free stories from the Thai Lottery collection

Two stories from Thai Lottery... and Other Stories from Pattaya, Thailand. Read them here, no download required.

Crazy Medicine -
West Ham vs Tottenham - Pattaya Style - CLICK HERE

The sex industry - an alternative perspective

A gentle satire on the standard western perception of the Thai sex industry

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