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Thai Kiss now has a whole series of 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Pattaya Today asks "How Sexy is Pattaya?" in this excellent review for Thai Lottery - Review

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Reviews for Thai Lottery, on Amazon

What a great collection of stories from beginning to end. Was sorry when it was all over. Anyone that loves Thailand or has even just been there will enjoy this one. A wonderful insight into the Land of Smiles and its people and even those that go there.

Heavily based on the tourist city of Pattaya and all it's intrigue. A great mixed bag of characters and emotions. Matt Carrell is a great story teller. Like the heading says, he makes u laugh, cry and love.
Buy it and enjoy.

The book is by a considerable distance in my opinion the best i have read with a Pattaya setting.

... not the sort of book I would usually buy. What men get up to in Thailand is not really my thing. But I took the plunge and was pleasantly surprised. It's very well written, there are some really good female characters and it's both funny and sad. The author clearly knows a lot about Thailand beyond the bar scene and even offers a crash course in basic Thai. Very entertaining!

Loved the book, entertaining, insightful, very good writing and great representation of Thailand. Looking forward to more from this author

I enjoyed every minute reading it. You don't have to have been to Thailand to enjoy it but if you have, you will probably relate to a lot of the story. I was so impressed with this book that I wrote to Matt and what a nice guy. A "Must Read"
Having visited Thailand and Pattaya regularly for several years, i take a keen interest in books with a Thailand or Pattaya setting. The majority of such books and stories however tend to be very one dimensional and formulaic. Thai Lottery however is a collection of well written and interesting stories with Pattaya as the setting.

The stories would be hugely enjoyable to anyone who has previous experience of Pattaya or a desire to visit for the first time. The stories are humorous, realistic and thoroughly entertaining. As an excellent added bonus there is a glossary of useful Thai words and their meanings which would be extremely useful to visitors.

Great book, and a real eye opener. Shame the husband is never going to make that golf tour over there.
Unsurprisingly, the stresses and strains of living in that country are a lot more extreme than life in the west. However, one would question whether the means chosen by the young Thai women are so different from their western counterparts in trying to get what they want. And money speaks a universal language - the only issue is how acceptable is it to use the body so blatantly....is a 'sophisticated seduction' in the west that much different?

A book that will help you rethink your stereotypical view of Thailand and wish you could get out there to help the poor damsels in distress....and of course have a bit of fun along the way.

Matt Carrell hits the spot. Read it on the way to the Paradise of Pattaya, where dreams come true, even if only for a while....

Thai Lottery was a surprisingly good holiday read. Matt shows great affection for the girls of Pattaya, and their punters. He brings their stories alive with wry humour and the occasional moral lesson. I'd recommend as Christmas present for travellers to Thailand, particularly those who would like to discover some of the mysteries of the bars before they get there.
The book got better as you got into it and then became difficult to put down. At times i thought i was reading fiction other times factual-an interesting slant. Would recommend to anyone interested in Thailand beyond the beaches & temples.

Carrell brings Thailand to life - its people, its culture and of course its tourists. A very good story in an unusual setting.


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